Prints & Greeting Cards

A venture I started in 2006. A local printer was found initially but he was supplanted with on-line sources following his retirement. Varying images are available and changing all the time. The greeting cards have done well, some print runs selling out in months! Cool Essex Waters is a best seller by far.

Greetings cards vary in size and are priced at £1.75 -£2.00 each with a discount for 4 or more. Further discounts are available for large orders, please contact me direct if you are interested. Each card with a frame looks good and these sell for around £9 depending on the frame - easy to make a small collection without taking up the space some claim.

Prints are all mounted and wrapped in cellophane and ready to frame. Mounts may vary in colour but are all pastel shades to match the image. Images sized at 49.5cm x 37cm cost £25 each unframed or £50 in a gilt frame. Images sized at 37cm x 29cm cost £15 each or £30 framed in a green and gilt frame. For further information on the latest prints etc. please contact me direct. Some of the original images are still available.

If there are any pictures you particularly like, why not contact me and it might be the next on the list to be printed. More images are selected annually - all commissions are offered greetings cards at discounted rates.