Your Favorite Holiday memory captured in a unique way
I have undertaken commissions for many years now. Most people anticipate an artist to just copy a single photo but I prefer to ask for a number of photos of the subject. I then ask questions of the client about the subject and try and gain an understanding of what is behind the commission, what key elements should be included and possibly those that should not! This then helps me to create sketches which form the basis of the final painting possibly including several aspects of each photo. This allows me to have full artistic reign and be creative about the subject matter, adding items or removing items to create a better composition.

Thus far, most clients have been really pleased, some overjoyed, at the final product. Most ask - how long has it taken and are amazed at how long or unfortunately rarely, how little time I can take. Framing is then the next step and can prove awkward. I have a selection of samples of both framing and mount colours for clients to choose from and I can help them decide the final outcome.

So I have decided to pull the commissions I have undertaken from the sales just to give an indication of the sort of topics I have been asked to capture for past clients. I hope future clients agree, it is quite a diverse range.

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